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What is the Terror Barrier?

It’s that wall we hit when we make a decision to step out of our comfort zone. My mentor Bob Proctor calls this (comfort zone) bondage as it’s where we’re all tied up in our beliefs. When we make a decision to do something different, all the worry, fear & anxiety kicks in & more often than not, causes us to back out & bounce right back to bondage.

Why does it happen?

We need to go back to the Secret Genie to really understand it so here it is. We have the conscious mind, the subconscious & the body. Remember that the body has to respond to the programme in the subconscious mind.

There are four steps to reaching the other side of the terror barrier.

The first step is bondage, our comfort zone.

So if we look at the energy of the conscious & subconscious minds & the body, when they are vibrating on the same frequency, we have harmony.  Let’s call this X type energy.  Now when we have an idea, a Y type energy, it floats around in the conscious mind & doesn’t really make much of an impact.  This is step two, reason.  Harmony still exists at this point.

The minute we make a decision to go with the new idea however, the Y type energy barges in & disrupts the X type energy.  This is step three, conflict.  As you can imagine, this causes some turbulence which unsettles the subconscious & therefore the body, resulting in worry in the conscious mind, fear in the subconscious mind & anxiety in the body.

Think about a time when you were quite comfortable & suddenly something changed, a relationship or something at work perhaps.  Worry, fear & anxiety jump straight in & all you can think about is how bad it’s going to be.

Now this normally is enough to send us scurrying back to our comfort zone.  If it isn’t then the Terror Barrier will work very cleverly to create an external situation that appears to be out or your control, such as illness, extra work load, and extra family commitments.  Anything which takes your focus away from your new decision is a form of terror barrier.

So how do we move through the terror barrier to freedom, step four?

Knowledge is powerful. Fear is caused by lack of knowledge or understanding so when we learn more about a situation, we’re less likely to be afraid.

First we have to acknowledge that the terror barrier has struck again & then we can decide to move through it.  I’ve hit it so many times that I now recognise that it means I’m just about to breakthrough so I choose to get excited 🙂

Point to note here.  Fear & excitement are the same emotion so we can choose how we label it.  Think I’m kidding?  Remember back to all those times as a kid when you were going to do something exciting, you had that sensation of butterflies & someone said “be careful, you might fall/hurt yourself”?  The excitement turned to fear in most cases, especially if this was a repeated occurrence.

Secondly, we need to make a decision to move through it.  If we don’t do this consciously, we’ll surely bounce back into our comfort zone.  We choose to move forward into growth or back into safety. Can you think of a time when you felt the fear & did it anyway?  What did it feel like?  Now think back to a time when you felt the fear & bounced back into bondage. What did that feel like?  Notice both feelings & use them to make guide your decision.

For many of us, bouncing back into bondage, our comfort zone, has a huge impact on our lives.  We often have a sense of failure that niggles away at our confidence. Likewise, moving through the fear often gives us a huge sense of achievement, just check out this video clip & watch the sheer elation this little guy has after overcoming his Fear

Once on the other side, we often realise that it wasn’t half as scary as we thought it would be!

Trample your Terror Barriers & breakthrough into freedom 🙂


Stay Special


Lisa Bowen is a global gypsy who is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Thinking into Results Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute & has a Diploma in Neuroscience Leadership.
She is passionate about inspiring & empowering others to be the best they can be & believes that by developing powerful mindset skills, we can all make the world a better place. Change starts within & then ripples out. Be the change you want to see.
Email lisa@elisitherapies.com to learn how to set yourself free from the stress of living so that you enjoy the process. After all, life is for living. Did you know that most people die at 25 & don’t get buried until they’re 75! Don’t be one of them 🙂