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Do you wish you understood your mind so that you can make it work for you instead of you being controlled by it?

Meet the Secret Genie who will help you do just that 🙂

I love this lesson because it helps make sense of the mind & anything that can do that is big in my book. I’ve been a Neuro Linguistic Programme practitioner for years & have a Diploma in Neuro-Science Leadership & I wish I’d met the Secret Genie back then!

If I asked you what your car, partner, house, etc. was like, you’d be able to tell me as you would immediately see a picture on the screen of your mind because we think in pictures.  Now describe the mind.  Most people will describe the brain because we have seen pictures of what that looks like. No-one has ever seen the mind because it’s not a tangible thing.

If the mind is not the brain, nor any other part of the body, what is it?

http://www.mindoverbrain.com/understandingthemind.php states – The MIND is a distinct entity from the brain itself. Brain circuitry serves as the foundation for homeostasis and behaviours as well as the emergence of the MIND from the Brain. The MIND is a “consciousness producing energy-state” of the cerebral cortex resulting from synchronous relaying of sensory inputs to pyramidal neurons of sensory cortices. This energy-state yields self-awareness out of sensory stimuli or from memories.  No wonder we can’t describe it!

My mentor & the mind behind Thinking into Results, Bob Proctor says that it’s not a thing, it’s an activity & how do we describe something we can’t see?

Enter the secret genie or the stick person who was created by Dr Thurman Fleet in the 1930’s. This is one of the simplest diagrams ever & yet Bob says that this one picture made the biggest impact in his world.  It allows us to ‘see’  the mind in a simple form.

Our mind functions on two levels, a bit like a computer. We have our conscious mind, or software & subconscious mind or hardware & the  hardware drives the computer or our body! Our body is simply an instrument of our subconscious mind.  We don’t have to think about breathing, heart-rate, hormone release etc, our subconscious mind controls it all.

Put another way, our conscious mind is our educated mind & our subconscious mind is our emotional mind. Our conscious mind has the ability to accept or reject any information while the subconscious mind can only accept what the conscious mind impresses upon it or allows through the filter.  Our biggest challenge is that we often don’t filter what goes into the subconscious mind & so it accepts everything we tell it, as real.  Think about that for a moment, every time we tell ourselves that we’re stupid or not good enough, that we can’t do something or that we don’t deserve it, our subconscious mind will file that along with all the other times you’ve said something similar & hey presto, your body will behave accordingly because this is now your programme or paradigm! What are your results telling you?  Which stories are you writing or reaffirming?

When we can see how the mind works, we can start to work with it to make sure that we install the programme we want.  Remember that the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between real & imagined, it will just believe what you tell it so make sure you’re installing an awesome programme 🙂

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Lisa Bowen is a global gypsy who is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Thinking into Results Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute & has a Diploma in Neuroscience Leadership.

She is passionate about inspiring & empowering others to be the best they can be & believes that by developing powerful mindset skills, we can all make the world a better place. Change starts within & then ripples out. Be the change you want to see.

Email lisa@elisitherapies.com to learn how to set yourself free from the stress of life so that you actually LIVE your life instead of just existing 🙂