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Thinking into Results      Lesson 3              Your Infinite Mind (& those pesky paradigms)

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Last week we talked about the knowing/doing gap & how those pesky paradigms are the cause & this week we take a more in-depth look at those trouble makers, paradigms.

Paradigms are like the thermostat on your central heating or air-conditioning, depending on your part of the world 😉  They control all our actions. They are set at a certain ‘temperature’ & much like the central heating or air-conditioning in our homes, no matter how often the door is opened & the cool or hot air comes in, the thermostat will get busy bringing the temperature back to whatever the setting is. Think about it, the temperature can be changed externally (Conscious mind) & the thermostat (Subconscious mind) will always bring the temperature back to its setting.

So you start taking action towards your desired new outcome, which is like opening the door & letting the cool or warm air in. This starts to give you different results (temperature) & all the while, the subconscious mind (thermostat) is ramping up to bring it back to normal.  The ONLY way you can change the temperature permanently is by adjusting the thermostat 🙂

As the paradigm is changed, the behaviour changes, just as the thermostat adjusts to the new setting, & the results change. So when you change the paradigm about getting fit being hard & create a new one saying that getting fit is fun, then you start looking forward to exercising or more likely, find a form of exercise that you really enjoy.

How do you know what your paradigms are?  Look at your results, they tell you very clearly 🙂

If your results aren’t the ones you want, it’s because you have a paradigm, a subconscious programme, which is different than what your conscious mind says it wants. For example, if you aren’t the weight you want to be, there will be a belief that may think it’s not right for you to be that weight, perhaps you might get unwanted attention or that it’s genetic & you just have to accept being like your overweight family members.  If you don’t have the finances you want, then there will be a belief somewhere like you don’t deserve it or that rich people are bad. We have so many programmes that don’t even belong to us & the problem is that they’re running our lives!  Paradigms create our habits & nearly all our behaviour is habitual, therefore our paradigms are in the driving seat.

This is one of the most powerful lessons of the whole programme because learning to identify & uninstall unhelpful paradigms & then installing new ones is the only way we can make lasting change in our lives.  It’s particularly valuable because we are constantly creating new paradigms & therefore need to be aware of whether we need to change them or not. Let me state here that paradigms are not good or bad, they’re just beliefs. The important thing to ask is are they serving you?  Some paradigms are very useful.  I’d say, if you cross the road without looking first, you may get run over, is a useful paradigm to hold on to 😉

If the paradigm is useful, keep it, if it’s not, it’s time to upgrade!

Watch my mentor Bob Proctor as he talks about paradigms.

So the question is, what paradigms are holding you back? Is it time for you to take the driving seat?  Post your paradigms or questions below & let’s see how much we all have in common.

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What if you you could change your limiting belief systems that are currently holding you back by watching a video & complete the worksheet daily & follow a process that helps to identify unhelpful paradigms, uninstall them & download new ones?  That’s how simple it can be with the TIR programme so contact me for a free gift consultation to see if this is the solution you’ve been looking for 🙂


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