HI Gorgeous,

Wow! We’re half way through 2018 already so what better time than now to review our goals 🙂

Has life got in the way of the goals you set at the beginning of the year? Most people give up on their goals because of other things getting in the way so you’re not on your own!

Here are 9 steps to help get you back in the game.

1  Are you on track with your goals for this year?

If yes Congratulations 🙂 🙂 Skip points 2 -8 😉  If no, read on.

2  Do you still want the same goal?  This is definitely worth checking! Sometimes we realise that we no longer (or maybe never did) want it.  Sometimes we make a goal because we think we “should” or because someone else thinks we should.  So many of us are trying to follow someone elses’ dream & wondering why it’s so hard!

3 Visualise yourself having achieved your goal.  Use as many of your senses as possible & notice what it feels like once you’ve succeeded.  If there is tension or unease anywhere in the body, it’s a good indication that something isn’t in alignment & needs to be addressed otherwise your subconscious will prevent you from achieving it.  So why would it do that? Your subconscious mind is like an overprotective parent & if it thinks you can’t do something or there’s something not good about it, it will “save” you by taking you in a different direction.  Visualising your goal everyday is a powerful way to keep you moving in the right direction

4 Do you believe you can achieve it? Reread point 3! If so, write it down every day as though it’s already happened. A great way to do this is to start with “I’m so grateful & happy now that…….” & then start to think & act in a way that you will when you’ve succeeded. Tie this in with the last point in step 3 to turbo boost your results 🙂

5 What has derailed you? Reread point 3! Not enough time or money, illness or something/someone needing your extra attention are all ways of your subconscious mind “saving” you 🙂

6  Once you’ve uncovered the real reason, it’s time to uninstall the old belief & install a new one that supports your goals.  Check out how Thinking into Results  can give you all the mindset tools you need & more to achieve any goal you want.

7 What is one action step you can take today to move you closer to your goal? This doesn’t have to be big. Simply researching what is required to achieve your goal will move you closer to the belief that you can do it.

8 What habit do you need to create or stop? Success is a series of persistent small steps which become habits. Once you’ve created a new productive habit, you can add a new one & so on until you have created the habitual behaviour that will lead to achieving your goals.  Perhaps you have a habit that is preventing you from achieving your goals. The easiest way to do this is shift the paradigm or belief that it’s a habit or that habits are hard to break & notice what triggers the habit. Then create a pattern interrupt to break the automatic response & create a new, more productive one.

9 What can you do to celebrate each step? We often focus on what still needs to be done or how far we still have to go instead of celebrating what we have achieved or how far we’ve come. There is real value in reflecting & celebrating which could be another topic in itself! JUST DO IT!

If you need some support to help you achieve your goals join our Creating Your Life FB group & watch out for our new challenge coming soon 🙂

Comment on your biggest challenge or success in achieving your goals.

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