Hello Gorgeous,

Each week, my client Emma & I have set goals to post about the TIR lesson she is doing. I will look at the lesson itself & Emma will write about what she is learning from it on her Instagram page, so you can get a balanced perspective on the Thinking into Results programme 🙂

Lesson one is called a Worthy Ideal & is all about how to set goals so big that we have no idea how to achieve them!

We have been conditioned to set goals that we can set out steps to achieve. Well that makes perfect sense, I hear you say & it certainly seems logical. The problem with that is that it severely limits what we can achieve.  Have you ever had a big goal that someone else, or even you, said wasn’t possible? Bet you gave up the idea!

If we used this philosophy in other areas of life, we’d never do anything. Can you imagine it? You can’t see your destination so there’s no point in setting out!  When we go somewhere new, we get to the first point & the direction to the next point becomes obvious because there are signposts saying 

We’d never go anywhere in the dark if we didn’t trust that the headlights will show us the next stretch of the road, so why should our goals be any different?

My mentor Bob Proctor says that when you make a decision, the Universe, or God etc, starts to put things together to show you the way.  This happens in the most incredible way with unexpected conversations or chance meetings with random people.  I like to think that the Universe gives you a series of maps, like a treasure hunt. You unravel the clue to get to the first point where you discover another clue to get you to the next point & so on, until you get to the treasure.  Your goal is the treasure, so you need to place your order with the Universe & let it get on with shipping your order!

In my first blog https://www.elisicoaching.com/life-explorer/ I asked what you would do with a billion dollars? What did you come up with? Did you dismiss your dreams because you couldn’t see how you could make them happen? What would happen if you revisited them & made a decision to go for it?  At the very worst, you wouldn’t find the treasure although you’d uncover lots of clues, & usually lots of minor treasure on the way to the treasure chest:)

So what actually happens when we make a decision? I like to describe it this way:) When you go to a restaurant, the kitchen has all the ingredients to make every dish on the menu & yet, no-one can start preparing your meal until you’ve made a decision & placed your order, right? The chefs don’t know which meal to cook you until that point.  Well, the Universe is the same, everything you need is in the Universal kitchen, just waiting for you to place your order.  Seriously!  There’s a weird Universal law that states “nothing is created or destroyed, it simply changes form”.  The way to fly, send radio signals, microwaves etc, has always been here, we just didn’t have the means to utilise them until someone allowed themselves to dream so big that they discovered a way to tap into them.  Great inventors don’t know how they’re going to create their inventions, they just keep trying different ways until they discover the right one, which is usually expanded on.  Think how different aeroplanes are from the one the Wright Brothers made their first successful flight in?  They focus on the end goal or destination & keep going until they find the right path.

Most people go to their grave with their dreams still inside them, will you be one of them?

I love this lesson because seeing people reconnect with their dreams & goals & come to the realisation that perhaps it is possible after all, is such a beautiful gift, like watch a flower bloom. They just come alive & there’s another life on the path to a new destination 🙂

This is Emma’s second time doing this lesson as we do each lesson once & then go back & do it again because you have a completely different perspective the second time. This is certainly true for Emma who has grown so much in the last 12 weeks. It’s hard to recognise the girl who messaged me in September last year!

Stay Special

Lisa & Elisi